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 UM Group –International Collaborative efforts.

Joint development of a product in collaboration with an experienced partner is a choice which UM Group exercises whenever feasible and advantageous over indigenous efforts.

Partners for Joint Ventures are chosen based on their past credentials and expertise in designing and manufacturing of similar or same products, operating and handling similar businesses and most of all their technical edge in that category as compared to competitors.

Collaboration not only helps UM in identifying key areas for knowledge investment and employee empowerment, it also opens up new markets and significantly gives leverage in time and effort required to reach the final stages of product design and manufacturing.

When UM Group identifies a requirement for collaborative efforts to design, manufacture or improve upon the quality of an existing product, it painstakingly identifies businesses world over that have complementary capabilities and resources, reputation and goodwill, technology to ensure that the effort that goes into making a collaboration yields concrete results in years to come.

UM Group would make the blueprint of new business ventures or remap the existing plan to make a winning business model, and build a sustainable balanced business system for a lasting success.

Alpha Maier Private Limited - incorporated in Nov, 2011 as a Joint venture Company with Maier S.Coop. to engage in the business of manufacturing and sale of the various kinds of plastic automobile parts and accessories including but not limited to wheel covers, hub caps, glove boxes, IP parts, emblems, logos, grills, garnishes, side protectors, fuel filler caps, air inlet grill, other interior and exterior decorative and functional parts.

Currently we work in harmony with:


1986: Started Business in Engineering & Heavy Fabrication.
1990: Set-up Lighting Components Business.
1993: Set up Infrastructure Projects Division
1994: Set up Rubber Components Unit
1996: Acquired Alpha Toyo & Nikko Auto
2000: Acquired and turned around Trading Engineers: an ailing Genset manufacturing unit, now profitable and growing.
2004: Establishment of R&D centre at HO and Heavy Engineering Works.
2007: Joint venture with Technical Resources EST of  AL Bawardy Group U.A.E.
2009: Joint venture with ZADI CEV.
2011: Joint venture with Maier S.Coop.
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